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The Eagle and the Dragon: China and America. History--Culture--Politics
Studienorientierung mit der ZSB • Nordamerikastudien
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The twentieth century is often said to have been the American Century, whereas the twenty-first will be China’s century. In reality China was the dominant word power for about a thousand years before the early 1800s. Today people and governments in the USA and China look at each other with fascination and fear. This lecture will explore the entanglement and mutual perceptions of China and America over a longue duree period - from the so-called discovery of America (when Columbus was hoping to find roof so gold and Asian silt but landed in America instead to the Chinese-American Struggle for Technological Supremacy. We will look at the role of Chinese people in the US, on economic and military developments and on competing visions such as the American Dream vs. Ecological Civilization.