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Gender 101 (online)
Studienorientierung mit der ZSB • Programm der Frauenbeauftragten
Termin & Ort

Hardly any part of our identity seems as self-evident to us as our gender. It is assigned to us at birth, we attach it to our genitals, perform it every day through clothing, appearance and behaviour and somehow accept it as a given. At the same time, our gender influences the course of our lives. In the seminar we will take a look at the basics of gender research and thus create the conditions for independent research in this field and an expansion of our own focus.

Course Contents

  • History of Ideas in Gender Studies

  • Basics Women's Studies and Critical Masculinity research

  • Relationships between Gender and Queer Studies


Alle Interessent:innen müssen sich per E-Mail bei Frau Dr. Weber melden unter Verweis auf das Programm Studieren probieren. Das Seminar findet an drei zusammenhängenden Terminen statt.