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International Management
Studienorientierung mit der ZSB • BWL
Termin & Ort
15.06.2023 14:00 - 16:00 (Merken)
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In today’s global environment, literally no business remains unaffected by international forces. Whereas some companies are expanding to foreign markets, others are confronted with the entry of international companies in their home locations, and many more companies and communities are affected by the operations of global corporations. Not surprisingly, cross-border activities of businesses are never out of the news. This course is aimed at helping students develop an understanding of the cultural and political environment of today’s global businesses and management issues that are important in such a context. Relevant theories of business ethics, strategic management, organization, production, marketing and human resource management are applied to the specific challenges of organizing and managing cross-border and cross-cultural business activities.

This lecture provides a comprehensive introduction to international business environments, strategies and operations. Having completed this course, students will understand the basics of international business and be able to discuss the challenges confronting international and intercultural management. Through the use of short case studies, the coverage of current issues and presentations by practitioners, students will learn to apply theories and concepts to the solution of practical business problems.